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Fairfield Endowed C of E Junior School

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Our Admissions policy can be found here.

Our published admission number in year 3 is 60 pupils (maximum of 240 pupils on roll) but this can change according to demand.

The Governors will use the following criteria to determine which children should be given a place in the school.  Priority will be given to:

  1. Any pupil who has a statement of special educational needs who names our school will be admitted, providing the school can meet the needs of the pupil.
  2. ‘Looked after children’/ Children now adopted who were in care. 
  3. Children living in the normal catchment area of the school. (Details of normal school area can be found on the Derbyshire County Council website following the link: https://apps.derbyshire.gov.uk/dotnet-applications/Admissions/NormalAreaFinder.aspx?admissiontype=Junior&usercontrolfunction=AJAX)
  4. Children not living in the usual catchment area of the school, but who have siblings attending the school at the time of their admission. (‘Siblings’ is defined at the end of this policy document). 
  5. Children not living in the usual catchment area of the school, but who have siblings who have attended the school within the previous five years. (‘Siblings’ is defined at the end of this policy document.)
  6. Other children whose parents have requested a place will be ranked in order of distance from school (those living nearest given preference).

NB: Sibling is defined in these arrangements as; a brother or sister, a half brother or sister, an adopted brother or sister, a step-brother or sister or the child of the parents’ partner where the child for whom the place is sought is living in the same family unit and at the same address as that sibling. 

Where choices have to be made, where the school is over-subscribed, in the case of (3) (4) and (5) above between children satisfying the same criteria, those children living nearest the school should be given preference.
The Local Authority (LA) has a Geographic Information System (GIS) to assist where it is necessary to measure by the nearest available route.  It is anticipated that this will be available to measure by a standard walking distance calculated to within 2 metres.  This measurement is taken from the postal address file, normally the house front door.
For schools, the grid reference is again taken from the postal address file and will be the centre of the school.
Fairfield Endowed CE Junior School welcome those children transferring from Fairfield Infant School and the above criteria are still applicable.
If an application is unsuccessful, parents will be informed and have a right to appeal against the decision.

In the event of any year group being full, the Headteacher must refuse a place.

She will direct parents who wish their child to be admitted to DCC Admissions where they can appeal for a place.

The appeals panel will consider the case and may direct the Headteacher to admit the child.

All information regarding the application for Junior School places, prior to and during term-time, can be found on the Derbyshire County Council website here.