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Fairfield Endowed C of E Junior School

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We are aware of our responsibilities to the safeguarding and protection of children in our care.

We aim to have all national and local authority guidelines for the safeguarding of children kept up to date. All staff and governors sign to confirm they are aware of the existence of such documentation.

All staff are trained in the safeguarding of pupils, some at Level 1, most at Level 2 and 5 at Senior Designated Lead level.

Safeguarding training is refreshed every couple of years, in line with national recommendations. The training varies in deliverance, being a mix of online training and face to face input.

We ensure that there is at least one person on an interview panel who has accessed safer recruitment training.    

Safeguarding policies documents and Advice

Fairfield Endowed C of E (C) Junior School fully recognises its responsibilities for Child Protection and Safeguarding.


     Online Safety Policies:

In accordance with the above procedures, the School carries out an annual audit of its Safeguarding provision (S175 Safeguarding Audit, which is a requirement of the Education Act 2002 & 2006) a copy of which is sent to the Local Authority Safeguarding Team.