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Fairfield Endowed C of E Junior School

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School Council 2023-24Enter text...

Enter text...Meet the latest member of the School Council- Esme Kerr


The school council communication team consist of 6 members from Year  6 whose role is to communicate pupils opinions to the School Leadership team and Governors and relay any decisions to the pupils.  They hold weekly meetings to discuss matters relevant to the whole school and then feedback to their classes.  They are an important 'voice' of the school.

The council meet every term with Mrs Mercer.  They also liaise closely with Miss Hockram from Friends of Fairfield, the school's parent/ teacher association.

The school council recently organised an event to build relationships with the elderly in our society. We organised and took part in a game of Bingo with the residents from Hollin Knowle Care Home. This was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Currently the school council are  putting together an action plan., containing suggestions from the whole student body , on how we can improve our school.

We look forward to updating you regularly on the important work undertaken by our councillors. 

The Crescent ExperienceEnter

text.Today, 18th January 2024 , The School Council , Mrs Higton and Mrs Lockyer have been lucky enough to attend The Crescent Experience. Our children are interested in having a water fountain in school because it is good for our minds and bodies to stay well hydrated. The School Council went to find the source of the Buxton Water. Over the next few weeks we shall be putting together a film and  approaching a local company to see if they would work with us to achieve this.

We have sent our film to Buxton Water- Please take a look.Enter text...

Some of our Year 6 pupils attended the Buxton Students Climate and Environment Conference 2023.

Click on the link below to see some of our pupils enjoying the event.


The Buxton Student Climate and Environment Conference 2023Enter text...

Pupil leadership - Head Boy and Head Girl

It has long been planned by Mrs Mercer to build upon our existing pupil voice by electing a Head Boy and Head Girl and these children are the second incumbents. This is a prestigious role in school and these children have shown not only the academic effort and learning behaviours but also the personal and social skills which make them such a fine example to other pupils. The Head/deputy head Boy and Girl have so far been involved in assemblies (even leading whole assemblies) and as a example of our pupils when meeting visitors to our school.

Building Positive relationships with the Elderly in our society.