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Year 4

Please read the Year 4 Newsletter to find out everything your child will be learning this term. 

Here are a few of the exciting things that Year 4 have been doing this year...

Roald Dahl Day

The children dressed up to celebrate their favourite characters and how his many books continue to encourage an early love of reading.


The children have been enjoying their weekly session of drumming, where they have been hearing about the history of Samba music and learning the correct posture and hold of the drums. It is lovely to hear their music throughout the school.

Gita Bhana Hindu Temple

The children went to the Gita Bhana Hindu Temple in Manchester to experience what a Hindu Temple looks like and what happens when people worship there. We learnt that the Hindu's believe we started life in water and evolved into the form we take today. Their Gods are all different and are worshipped for different reasons. The Hindu's believe we have a third eye - we use two for seeing and the third for knowledge. Life is in a circle and Hindu's come back to the world after they have died. Hinduism has no starting date. Hindu's are vegetarians as they believ that their god is in a all living things.